Workshop : Cupcake it Out with Urmy
By: Urmylla Radha Krishnan

In this workshop, students will learn how to interweave colours, textures and different types of icing to produce a variety of creative cupcakes. The focus will be on how to work with buttercream icing to form different patterns on cupcakes and how to use complementary colours to make cupcakes that stand out.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to make buttercream icing
  • How to create different coloured buttercream icing
  • How to use 2-3 different piping tips to create different patterns on your cupcakes
  • How to use fondant icing to make simple roses

Participants will receive :

  1. 6 egg free cupcakes
  2. Buttercream icing
  3. Cake box
  4. Piping bags
  5. Nozzles (3pcs)
  6. Urmy ‘s egg free Cake mix pack

Date : 30th November 2019
Time : 2 – 3.30 pm
Venue : Madhu , Annalakshmi
Event Number: 4
Age : 7-14

Date : 1st December 2019
Time : 2 – 3.30 pm
Venue : Madhu , Annalakshmi
Event Number: 12
Age : 15 & Above

Date : 7th December 2019
Time : 2 – 3.30 pm
Venue : Madhu , Annalakshmi
Event Number: 21
Age : 15 & Above

Date : 8th December 2019
Time : 4 – 5.30 pm
Venue : Madhu , Annalakshmi
Event Number: 32
Age : 7-14

Biography of Speaker

Urmylla Radha Krishnan is an award-winning cake decorator from Perth, Australia, with nearly two decades of cake decorating experience. Urmy, who is originally from Malaysia, went to Perth to complete her degree in Hospitality Management. While she was there, she discovered her passion for cake decorating. She worked part-time as a professional cake decorator, before eventually starting her own business – Urmy’s Cakes – in 2012.  She specialises in lacto-vegetarian (eggless) and vegan cakes and has recently launched her own line of vegetarian and vegan cake mixes.

Urmy has taken part in numerous cake decorating competitions in Australia and has won prizes on a number of occasions at the prestigious Perth Royal Show, including 1st prize for a wedding cake in the Master’s section of the 2019 Show. Her creativity and attention to detail have also earned her rave reviews from her clients over the years.

Urmy is also an experienced trainer, who has run many cake decorating workshops, cooking classes and demonstrations in Australia and Malaysia, for both adults and children. She brings all her passion and creativity to her classes, making them both fun and informative.

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