Workshop : Breathe With Yoga
By: Kumareswaran Supermaniam

Everything is made of energy, including the human body and the imbalance of the energy in the body which causes stress and disease. Nature’s way of approaching a happy and healthy life is by understanding that the human body has a mechanism to heal itself by knowing the how the mind and body works and how through yoga practice, you can balance the energy in the body thus tapping into unlimited cosmic energy. 

Date : 7st December 2019
Time : 4 – 5.30 pm
Venue : Taranga
Event Number: 24
Age : 18 & Above

*Please bring a Yoga mat for this session.

Biography of Speaker

Kumareswaran Supermaniam has been a yoga and holistic teacher for 15 years. He is currently teaching at Malaysia and Singapore and is the President of the Yoga Sports Association in Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Science in yoga and a naturopathy diploma in yoga from the Asian Yoga Federation. He also has a diploma in Indian acupressure and is certified in hypnotherapy.





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