Workshop : A Comparison of Indian Classical Genres – Analysis of similarities and differences between Hindustani and Carnatic presentation styles.
By: Kumar Karthigesu

This Lecture-Demonstration will explore the subtle differences between Hindustani and Carnatic classical concerts – the vocal interpretation, rhythmic and melodic accompaniment, and overall presentation format. Audiences will get to participate in learning some vocal styles, gamakas, and rhythm chanting. The presenters will then be challenged to spontaneously interweave their performance while adhering to the rules of the chosen Raga and Tala.

No prior experience necessary. No minimum or maximum age limits

Date : 30th November 2019
Time : 4 – 5.30 pm
Venue : Samagana
Event Number: 6

Biography of Speaker

Kumar Karthigesu performs widely as a classical Indian sitar player, as well as an accomplished musician who is able to fuse his music with other genres. While performing solo concerts, he is also the lead sitar player for AkashA, a highly popular Malaysian world music outfit, as well as the principal sitar player for the Malaysian Traditional Orchestra. He teaches sitar and Indian music and serves as the Music Director of The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia.

Kumar is the recipient of several awards, among them being the Anugerah Seni Negara (Karyawan Seni) and also the Tokoh Warisan Negara (National Living Treasure) by the Government of Malaysia.

His music features in several recordings and albums, including his solo albums and that of AkashA.





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