Project Funway

Project Funway is a school holiday programme organized by The Temple of Fine Arts designed with the aim of reigniting or rekindling the cultural flame in the younger generation through activities such as singing, dancing, cooking and art.

This year, Project Funway is back with its 3rd edition titled “Weaving Wonders” – with another round of educational, fun, cultural and exciting holiday camp for children aged 5 to 18 years old that focuses on the concept of “Interweaving” to help them develop a solid foundation of creativity where they are given opportunities to express their ideas and imagination.

Date :2-6 December 2019
Time : 9 – 5 pm
Venue : The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia
Age : 5 – 18 years
Price: RM 850
RM 765 (Sibling discount -second sibling onwards)
RM 725 (Returning students)

A showcase will be held between 6 pm – 7.30 pm on 6th December 2019. Parents / Guardians and relatives are cordially invited to witness the showcase performance.

Please fill in the attached registration form and email to or call 012-328 3836 for further details..

Project Funway 2019 will incorporate the following:

Dance Workshop

Dance has been proven to bring have many benefits. Through dance, children develop spatial awareness, strengthen their motor coordination, and develop creativity and music appreciation while having fun. This workshop is a mixture of dance movements from various cultures in a smooth and seamless formation so as to make the dance enjoyable by the children and the audience. 

Music Workshop

Singing and music play an important role in our culture. From birth, children are instinctively tuned to music to regulate their emotions, to express love and joy, and to engage and interact. Music will teach them pattern, pulse, rhyme and structure that encourages imagination and story-telling. This workshop will be fun and engaging where the children are required to sing, and play a variety of instruments, percussion.

Cooking Workshop

Cooking is an important independent life skill, a fun hobby and a possible future career too! Hands-on cooking activities help children develop confidence in their skills and abilities. Squeezing, and mixing are all skills that help develop muscle control and eye-hand coordination and not forgetting how measuring can help with mathematics. Encouraging children to make healthy lifestyle choices – the cooking workshop will teach the fun of baking to cooking finger licking snacks and food.

Art and Craft Workshop

Art creates a sense of satisfaction. For children, art and craft is a sensory exploration activity. Motor co-ordination, creative thinking, independence and communication skills are among the skills that are catered to be developed through the Art and Craft workshops. Specially catered to develop their artistic capability to the fullest and have exposure to different art expression mediums, this art workshop would have activities that are fusion of traditional and modern – all this while developing some cultural awareness.


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