‘HRDAYA’ – Heartstrings, is an orchestral production that comprises a collection of musical scores that possess vignettes of beauty, wonderment, love and disappointment. Using visual enhancements such as shadow puppetry, live narrators with poetic recitations and a highly interactive orchestral ensemble, Hrdaya endeavours to give a unique aural and visual sensory experience. 

The entire production has been conceived and conceptualised by Kalpana Paranjothy and the shadow puppetry by Deepa Rajendra.


Date : 7th December 2019
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : Shantanand Auditorium

Please note : Pay As You Wish facility available at the TFA KL office


Date : 8th December 2019
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : Shantanand Auditorium

Please note : Pay As You Wish facility available at the TFA KL office

  1. Pratam – The First
  • A Hindi bhajan(devotional hymn) sung in praise of the elephant-headed Lord Ganesh. This piece invokes the Lord as the remover of obstacles and the prime deity from whom all seek blessings.
  1. Heartstrings
  • A composition of Ustad Usman Khan, the Dean of The Temple of Fine Arts, this piece is a tribute to him as a composer, musician and a music Guru. For Kalpana, this piece is an inspiration and a constant reminder of memorable moments as a disciple to an ever-giving master.
  1. Shringar
  • The idea of an idyllic romance is something that everyone dreams of…This number is a musical painting of that secret meeting between two lovers by the river, enjoying their best moments together.
  1. Rahas
  • The contemplations of the mind are sometimes only understood by the contemplator –  and no one else. What are the secrets that lie in the recesses of one’s soul? Deep, dream-like and very dear… but always within, always a secret.
  1. Child’s Play
  • The innocence of a child… the curiosity of mind, the zest for life and all that is nice. It is intertwined with exploration, experience and the consequent excitement, in as simple as enjoying the beauty of nature and catching butterflies. Emotions and impressions are also formed in these encounters, becoming foundations of a character.  This item is composed using a string of raga-s (melodic entities) that each reflect a new experience. It concurrently features a shadow-play by Deepa Rajendra.
  1. Dream
  • A dream is something that is beautiful yet many a time, inexplicable. It lifts the spirits and gives moments of ecstasy in which we can only hope to forever dwell.
  1. My Voyage
  • A journey constantly has new beginnings with new discoveries that ultimately comes a full circle and gives meaning to life. It ends with a shanti mantra(prayer for peace) which is a thanksgiving for all things beautiful that is blessed and bestowed upon us.

Glimpses of Hrdaya






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